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Plainfield, April 15, 1951

"Contest Seen In Green Brook" and "Two Records are Broken"

Green Brook - Three Democrats last night filed petitions of candidacy for nomination to the Township Committee at the Apr. 15 primary. Six Republicans filed earlier.

The Democrats are John J. Haas of Highland Ave., Paul E. Galichet Jr. of 25 Warner Ave., and Kenneth Lant of 81 Green Brook Rd.

Three vacancies will occur on thy Committee. Two will be created as a result of a referendum approved by voters last November, changing the Committee from three to five members. The third vacancy occurs with the expiration of Chairman Roland Beetham's term. Two seats will be for three years and one for two years.

Mr. Reetham said last night he would not seek Republican nomination for reelection. The Republican candidates are William C. Landow, William Vissers Jr., Charles Landon, Abe Phillips, Lester C. Scott and Carl Madsen.

Mr. Landow, Republican, and Mr. Lant, Democrat, are the only candidates seeking nomination for the two-year term.

Mrs. Barbara MacDonald and Mr. Landow filed petitions as candidates seeking reelection to the Republican Executive Committee. Mrs. Stella Myers and Kurt Frede of Warrenville Rd. will seek re-election for the Democratic Executive Committee.

Green Brook - This township broke two records Tuesday in the General Election that saw the entire Republican ticket chosen by more than a 2-1 majority.

Of 1072 registered voters, 987 went to the polls, establishing a record breaking voting mark. The 'hard pressed members of the election board set the other record. They completed the tally shortly after 1 p.m. yesterday, 17 hours after the close of the polls. In the 'last spring primary the board took ,39 hours to complete the tally.

The three Republican Township Committee candidates were elected by a near 400 plurality. Carl Madsen, 674, and William Vissers, 669, defeated Democratic candidates John J. Hass, 273, and Paul E. Gplichet Jr., 240, in the contest for two three-year terms.

William C. Landow, Republican, won a two-year term by defeating Democratic nominee Kenneth R. Lant, 604 to 331. The referendum question concerning tenure of office for Mrs. Emily M. Meyers, tax collector, was approved by a vote of 630 to 257.

The vote in the presidential contest was: Eisenhower, 699, and Stevenson, 275. The referendum concerning the state institution bond issue received 730 "yes" votes and 131 "no" votes.

Members of the election board were Mrs. Rose Carlson, Oliver Myers, Henry Lund and Joseph LaFleur.