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The Blue Hills Plantation

The Blue Hills Plantation was a popular restaurant located at the corner of Greenbrook Road and Warrenville Road. Many local residents enjoyed a good dinner at the restaurant as well as dancing to the music of the Mace Irish Orchestra.

Fred Bruns owned the restaurant from the early 1920's until it burned down in 1949. Prior to becoming a restaurant, the building had been a farm house. 

These images are from a 1940's vintage brochure. The initials and the date, 1734, referred to in the brochure where probably inscribed by Stephen Vail who built the house shortly after having inherited the land in 1733.

The earliest reference to the house has been found in a 1785 road designation document for Greenbrook Road.

 The Blue Hills Plantation

 The Colony Room

 The Federal Room

 Mace Irish and Orchestra

 Modern Kitchen

 Lounge and Fireplace