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Mortgage between John J. Vermeule & Wife to James Vail - 1823

Mortgage made this seventeenth day of May in the year of our lord one-thousand eight hundred and twenty three Between John J. Vermule & Mary his wife of the township of Warren, County of Somerset, State of New Jersey of the one part and James Vail of the County of Essex, State afore said of the other. Witness that the said John Vermule and Mary his wife in consideration of the debt to be secured herein after mentioned and fifty cents in hand paid by the said James Vail to the said John Vermule doth give grant and convey unto the said James Vail all that ( ) house & farm whereon he now lives situate in the township of Warren in the county of Somerset. Beginning at a stone planted for a corner in the road near the Green Brook bridge two chains and seventy links from the brook ( ) a corner of Zachariah Pound; from thence up the road leading to the mountain and to formerly Stewards Tavern;
North twenty-nine degrees West fifty-two chains and fifty-six links to a stack standing in the line of Frederick Vermule under the mountain;

Thence South sixth-three degrees West thirty chains to David Boice's land to a heap of stones for a corner;

Thence South twenty-nine degrees East thirty chains & twenty-five links to the lands of Eden Vermule;

Thence along his line North sixty three degrees East seventeen chains & forty-six links to a stake;

Thence South twenty-nine degrees East nineteen chains & thirty links to a stake a corner formerly Zachariah Pound's deed;

Thence North sixty-two degrees East four chains & thirteen links;

Thence South fifty-three degrees & fifteen minutes east two chains & seventy-five links;

Thence North sixty-one degrees East six chains & seventy-five links to the beginning corner;

Containing one hundred & sixteen & three-quarter acres be the same more or less ( ) the before said corner a variation to be allowed from the year one thousand seven hundred & sixty eight at which time the said premises were purchased by Cont. Vermule dic from John Laing.

And also a lot of meadowland containing four acres adjoining said premises ( ) the South of Green Brook purchased by my father Doc. John Vermule dec. of Zack Pound and also a lot of ten acres adjoining the premises on the Southwest which was left by the last will & testament of Cont. Vermule dec. to have and to hold & provided that if the said John Vermule his heirs ( ) do pay or cause to be paid unto the said James Vail the just sum of four hundred dollars money of the United States with interest thereon until paid in one year from the date hereof ( ) contained in the condition of a bond bearing ( ) date herewith from the said John Vermule to the said James Vail in the final sum of eight hundred dollars as by ( ) to the same will ( ).

Sealed in presence of

George Vanhouten

John Willson