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Greenbrook Road Designation

Greenbrook Road Designation 1785: from Warrenville Road to Rock Avenue

We the commissioners or surveyors of the roads of the townships of Bridgewater and Bernards and the eastern precinct in the county of Somerset and State of New Jersey being called by a number of the inhabitants of said county of Somerset and Middlesex and having the allegations on all parties do agree to lay out a two rod road as followth vis: Beginning in the middle of a road that leads from the mountain to Quibbletown {Warrenville Road} by the house of Thomas Vail {the Blue Hills Plantation} and in the mouth of the lane that runs to the front of John Vail's {John Vail Jr.} house;

thence running North sixty-two degrees East ten chains;
thence North forty-five degrees east six chains and fifty links;
thence North fifty-three degrees East thirty-four chains and thirty-four links;
thence East four chains;
thence North twenty-seven degrees East twelve chains and fifty links;
thence North seventeen degrees West nine chains and forty links;
thence North forty-four degrees East fourteen chains and twenty three links;
thence North forty-six degrees East nine chains; and
thence North seventy-six degrees east three chains and sixty-nine links;
thence North fifty-seven degrees East nine chains and seventeen links;
thence North fifty two degrees East three chains;
thence North sixty-eight degrees East two chains;
thence North sixty-one degrees East four chains;
thence North thirty-nine degrees East two chains and fifty links;
thence North thirty-one degrees East two chains and forty-five links;
thence North twenty-four degrees East one chain and twenty-five links;
thence North sixty-seven degrees North five chains and ninety links to the road that leads from the mountains Southerly through the lands of the Vermule's, which said road is to be open on or before the fifteenth day of November next in ( ) where of in ( ) herein to sit our hands this 25th day of August 1785.

David Smalley
Isaac Davis
Richard Fullerton
Philip T. Arsdale ?
( ) Ten Eick ?
Isaac Van ?

Recorded the 26th August 1785 by Peter D. Vroom

For a plot of the road, see Green Brook Road.